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Darrian T9 1300 BDA


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Darrian T9 1300 BDA

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The plan for 95 was to buy a Darrian rolling shell, fit the rebuilt 1300 BDA and do the whole of the Scottish Tarmac Championship. After a search and some useful guidance from Tim Duffee at Darrian Cars, the ex Tony Thomas Darrian T9 was sourced in Kent. The car came complete, minus its big valve BDG/BDX engine (more of which later) and sported a Hewland FT200 transaxle. The FT was rebuilt before use.

The engine was ‘run in’ by doing more than 80 laps at Knockhill. This also served to familiarise the driver with the car’s handling characteristics, which were strangely similar to the Mini.

The 95 season was a big success, with maximum points over the season giving us the Scottish title and the BECC championship. The fact that the engine survived the season, spending most of its time at 9,500 rpm says a lot for the engine building skills of Dom Buckley’s team.

At the end of 95, it was decided to retire and the Darrian was sold.

Darrian T9 photos :-

-- Stobs - sliding wide in a chicane
-- Stobs - wet on approach to 90 right
-- Stobs - 90 right at end of 1st straight
-- Charterhall - before we hit anything
-- Charterhall - after we had hit several things
-- Crail - 6R4 about to be passed
-- Crail - heavy braking on the loose
-- Crail - acceleration out of hairpin left
-- Otterburn - into the ditch
-- Otterburn - and out again
-- Knockhill 01
-- Knockhill 03
-- Knockhill 04
-- Knockhill 05