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Sunbeam 1300 BDA


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Sunbeam 1300 BDA

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When we bought this car, it had seen a bit of action and had been campaigned in the forests. The Talbot 1600 engine was pretty average and after the first event, it was clear that something different was needed. Drawing inspiration from Robin Hamilton, a 1600 BDA was sought.

To cut a long story short, the hunt ended with a Sam Nelson 1300 BDA. This was installed with a 5 speed Tran-X straight cut box and eventually an Atlas axle. The engine was a screamer (red line at 9,500), but lacked torque. The car’s handling was also pretty awful. We were plagued by a variety of mechanical problems, including some that required engine and gearbox rebuilds. By the middle of 94 and after 2 frustrating years, the car was reasonably well sorted. The fitting of a 5.8 CWP suited the engine’s characteristics. The handling was improved by making the car lower, stiffer and eliminating much of the body roll. The writing was on the wall for the Sunbeam when a trip to a weighbridge confirmed that it was too heavy by far to be competitive on tarmac with a 1300 engine. A plot was hatching………….

At the end of the 94 season, the Sunbeam was broken and sold as spares. The engine was treated to a rebuild and made ready for fitting to the new project for the 95 season.

Sunbeam photos :-

-- Crail - Right hander
-- Crail - Slippy left hander
-- Kirknewton - Is this Tarmac?
-- Ingliston - On 3
-- Ingliston - Out of hairpin
-- Stobs - Halfway
-- Stobs - Yump