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Starlet 1600 BDA


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Starlet 1600 BDA

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In early 96, retirement wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be and another car was sought. A Starlet with Escort group 4 running gear, a David Rowe 1820cc X-flow, 5-speed Quaife box and Atlas axle was purchased. This had been a successful car, but the engine wasn’t the front-runner that it had been, now that loads of Vauxhall XE engined cars were appearing.

After 2 events, the X-flow engine was swopped for an ex hillclimb, all steel 1600 BDA.

The car was a class leader at most events - the engine was a screamer with big valve head, L1 & DA10 cams and twin 48 Dellortos. We didn’t use a rev limiter with it.

With the Starlet's proportions and with the Escort running car, it handled well, sounded amazing and was a lot of fun.

After 2 or 3 years, it was time for a change again. Engine and rolling shell were sold and the hunt was on for another Darrian.

Starlet photos :-

-- Stobs.01
-- Stobs.02
-- Stobs.03
-- Ingliston - Hairpin
-- Crail 01
-- Crail 02
-- Charterhall - already been off