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Mini 999S


Mini 999S

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First love was a Mini, even though by the time that we started rallying in the early 80s, the Mini was struggling against more modern opposition.

This one was based on a Mini Clubman 1275 GT bodyshell, with the usual upgrades to suspension & brakes. The power unit was a Richard Longman 970 S engine, bored to 999cc, with Longman GT10 cylinder head, forged pistons, steel crank, rods and flywheel. Best of all, the engine was fitted with Longman split 45 Webers and a big bore, straight through exhaust system. Gearbox was a 3 syncro straight cut, close ratio unit, fitted with a 4.9 final drive.

With the full race, short stroke engine and low final drive ratio, this was a howler. On its day, it could compete with good 1300s.

Results were mixed – we had several event class wins and took class wins in 2 championships. On the other hand, the car broke down too many times, often with broken driveshafts and CV units. On the Hackle rally in 81, we managed to break 2 driveshafts on different stages, before going off, doing other damage and retiring from the event.

After rallying the Mini for 2 or 3 years, wedding bells and somewhere to live became priorities and the Mini was sold.

Mini photos :-

-- Arbroath Stages - Dry and dusty
-- Mogil Motors Stages - Water splash
-- BECC Stages - Funny angle at Charterhall
-- Edinburgh Festival - Yump in East Lothian
-- John Wilson's Bedroom Stages - Shortcut
-- BECC Stages - Throw it sideways and see what happens
-- BECC Stages - The Chesters stage – rough and dusty
-- Arbroath Stages - 90 right
-- BECC Stages - Charterhall in b&w