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Edinburgh Rocks

Welcome to the Edinburgh Rocks site. As you might have guessed, we are based in Edinburgh.

Just for a bit of fun, we have put together a few Web pages with pictures (grateful thanks to Tom Coffield for many of them) of the various rally cars that we have campaigned over the years, along with some info on the technical specs.

In rallying, the visual spectacle is important for spectators. However, just as important (and maybe more so when you have stood for hours in a stage, cold, wet and hungry, waiting for the cars to appear) is the noise that the cars make.

The sound of modern turbocharged, 4 wheel drive cars just can’t compete with the thrill of hearing a naturally aspirated 4 or 6 cylinder engine being driven near, on or over the rev limit.

For a thoroughly exciting experience, the Edinburgh Rocks team recommends the Ford Cosworth BD series of engines. They sound like no other engine and they do go a bit too.