Edinburgh Castle

Video Clips

Darrian T9 1300 BDA


Mini 999S

Sunbeam 1300 BDA

Darrian T9 1300 BDA

Starlet 1600 BDA

Darrian T90 2.0 Vauxhall XE

Darrian T90 2.0 BDG

Video Clips


Edinburgh Rocks

We have included a few video clips of the cars at various locations. Please note that the clips are low resolution versions, due to file size/bandwidth considerations.

The video clips have been taken from the high quality originals produced by Jim Barclay.

NB Turn the volume up.

Sunbeam at Ingliston hairpin

Darrian T9 at Crail
Darrian T9 at Knockhill hairpin Darrian T9 at Charterhall
Starlet max revs at Crail Starlet at Ingliston
Darrian T90 at Stobs Darrian T90 at Stobs 2
Darrian T90 at Ingliston 1 Darrian T90 at Ingliston 2